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Game play

This version of Metal Warriors supports two player gamemode on one machine, or two machines connected by network. On a single machine, the gameplay is turn based where each player gets 45 seconds each to do whatever he pleases. In a network game, both players play the game in real time. The example below explains how the game is played on one single machine. With the exception for switching between players, the same procedurs apply for a networked game.

You start your turn by pressing the n key. Now you have 45 seconds to do what you want. You can then drive your tank around with the keys w, s, d and a. w and s moves the tank in the forward/backward directions and a and d is used for steering.

You have a number of tanks on your team and you can switch between the tanks using the number keys (1, 2 ,3 and so on). The tanks can be grouped together to form a platoon by holding down ctrl and shift and pressing one of the number keys. For example, if your current tank is tank #3, holding down ctrl and shift and pressing 2 will add tank #3 to platoon #2. If platoon #2 doesn't exist a new platoon will be created with the lowest unused platoon number. NOTE: This could be platoon #1.

The first tank added to a platoon will automatically be assigned the role of platoon leader. You can delete the current tank from any platoon it is a member of by pressing the c key. If that tank should happen to be the platoon leader, a new leader will be appointed automatically. If no other platoon members exist the platoon will be deleted (potential platoons with higher number will have their numbers decreased by 1).

A tank can only belong to one platoon at a time. Adding a tank to a platoon when it is already in another platoon means that the tank will implicitly be removed from the old platoon. When moving the platoon leader the platoon members will strive to keep their positions relative to the leader. Moving a normal platoon member will not affect any other members of the platoon. The tank will not attempt to revert to its original position when switching back to the platoon leader.

By holding down shift you can switch between the tanks of the current group. For example, holding down shift and pressing 3 you will choose tank #3 of the current group. I there is no tank #3 in the current group, nothing will happen. By holding down ctrl and pressing a number key you can switch between the leaders of your platoons. For example, holding down ctrl and pressing #3 will choose the leader of group #3, if there is such a group.

Now it's time to find the enemy. You can use the keys q and e to pan the camera view. e will look to the right and q will look to the left. When you spot the enemy you can hit space to go into aim mode. This will place the camera directly behind and slightly above the turret of the current tank, looking in the direction of the barrel. You can the rotate the turret with the k and l keys. k will rotate the turret to the left and l will rotate it to the right.

When the enemy seems to be in the middle of the view you can adjust the elevation of the barrel with the , and . keys. . will raise the barrel and , will lower it. At this point you will have to look at the angle meter on the head up display to the left named "Barrel" to judge how high your barrel should be raised to hit your target at the current distance. Once you made all your adjustments you can press f to fire. If you switch out of aiming mode, by pressing space, you will have a slightly better view of where the shot hits. You will probably have to make some adjustments to hit with your second shot. The tank can fire on shot in every five seconds. If you are firing with the platton leader of a platoon. You can press fire repeatedly to make the other tanks of the platoon try to aim and hit the same target as the leader.

To help you navigate you have the compass directly above the current tank. It points to the north.

By now your turn should be over and it's your opponents turn to take the controls. Don't forget to press n to start you turn.

The keys in short

w drive forward
s drive backward
a turn left
d turn right
<number> choose tank <number>
Ctrl Shift <number> add current tank to platoon <number>
Shift <number> choose tank <number> in the current group
Ctrl <number> choose leader of platoon <number>
ß leave platoon
q look left
e look right
space aim mode on/off
k rotate turret left
l rotate turret right
. raise barrel
, lower barrel
f fire


Mission 1

Player 1 breifing

Over the ridge south-south-east is a small valley. The valley is guarded by a small number of enemy tanks. Take them out!

Player 2 briefing

You can expect an attack from the north-west across the valley. You are strategically placed and should only have to wait for the enemy to show up. Destroy the attackers!

Mission 2

Player 1 breifing

You have set up a command post in a strategic position. Intelligence have reported enemy activity in the south-east. Defend your command post vehicle at all cost!

Player 2 briefing

The enemy has set up a command post near map coordinates X:2600 Y:1900 (north-west). Destroy the enemy's command post vehicle and set up your own command post!


When starting Metal Warriors the first time the file .metalwarriors.xml will be created in your home directory. This file contains your personal settings for Metal Warriors. The only way to change keybinding is currently to edit this file by hand. The values of the keybinding entries are the SDL key codes for that particular key.

This file will be regenerated with default values if it is removed.

Known issues

Metal Warriors can hang the computer hard if using XFree version 4.3 and some radeon cards (perhaps all).
Workaround: install XFree 4.4 or use ATI:s own driver.

The overall feeling of the menu is unresponsive with some configurations.
Workaround: None, the problem has not been fully diagnosed yet.

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